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"This is the place to go if you need physical therapy. I had broken my neck, back, ribs, and had many other injuries including head trauma. During my recovery, UAB's neurosurgeon Dr. Renee Chambers, M.D. performed a Kyphoplasty. The surgery worked wonders and improved my mobility on my right side. She prescribed physical therapy. I was not enthused or excited about the prospect of PT. I could not believe that it would help and I just did not feel up to going. After knee surgery from the accident, Dr. Lawrence Lemak said I had to have PT. I was still reluctant. Dr. Chambers, Dr. Lemak and my wife would not let me put my PT off any longer. Dr. Lemak called Jon and they devised a plan of action for my needs. I am recovering now and I give all the credit to Jon and his staff. My medical needs were addressed. The therapy helped me achieve and maximize my mobility so that I could regain my independence.

His facility is well equipped and first class. Jon and his staff are friendly and outgoing. You are made to feel welcomed when you're not feeling well. Jon designs his program according to a patient's needs, functional goals and extent of injury. He is creative and enthusiastic and throws himself into his work. Jon and his staff operate in an extremely professional manner. He is all about hands-on.

My wife had back surgery eight days before my accident. She heard about Jon at Millennium and made a visit while I was recovering. She was so impressed upon meeting Jon and his staff. She felt Jon was experienced, knowledgeable and had good credentials, but most of all he was very friendly. She became his patient and loved going to PT. Due to her back problems, she had PT once before (at a different clinic) and she had not felt comfortable with the atmosphere. Millennium was totally a pleasant and great experience. She has nothing but praises for Millennium.

Great job Jon! We are proud to know you and it is a privilege to have your business in our community. Jon is one of the finest Christian men you will ever have the opportunity of knowing. It is an honor to know him. My wife and I would adopt Jon and Ingrid (who works for him) if they did not already have parents."

Danny Taft

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We are conveniently located off I-459 in Bessemer near Target and would love for you to stop by for a visit.
Millennium Physical Therapy 4847 Promenade Parkway
Suite 102
Bessemer, AL 35022