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Class 4 Laser Therapy

We attack the deep tissue in your body with a safe, surgery-free and drug-free procedure using a state of the art laser therapy to treat both acute and chronic pain.

Treatment Plans

Watch our detailed videos and and read about the conditions that we treat at Millennium Physical Therapy.

Medical Supplies

We offer patients the opportunity to order Physical Therapy supplies to aid in your healing process.  Click the link below to view our Company Store.

For Physicians

At Millennium Physical Therapy, we take great care of your patients.  For the convenience of our physician partners, we provide printable prescription forms and look forward to serving your patients.

4147 Promenade Parkway, Suite 102, Bessemer, AL 35022

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4847 Promenade Parkway
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Our Facilities & Staff

We are so excited to welcome you to Millennium Physical Therapy.  We pride ourselves in creating appropriate treatment plans for patients by working with your physician.  Our goal is to provide flexible scheduling opportunities that align with your lifestyle and our staff is eager to serve you.

Jon Lamb

Physical Therapist, Owner

Sarah Vining

Office Manager

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure the maximum quality of life for our patients by providing a hands-on approach to restorative therapies with integrity, excellence, resourcefulness and compassionate service. We are to be faithful stewards of the therapeutic resources, talents, gifts and skills with which we have been blessed.

We Are One of the Top Physical Therapists in Your Area.

Thank you for the excellent care and professionalism that has been demonstrated by each and everyone there. May God bless you all.

Sherry Roberts


"Jon Lamb, the owner and physical therapist at Millennium is competent, caring and compassionate. This combination of attributes provides a patient experience with rehabilitation that produces excellent results and maximum benefits."

Samuel R. Goldstein, MD

Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Specialists

"Jon Lamb has become an indespensible part of my practice. Medications simply are not enough to fix my patients. They need hands on attention from a therapist who cares. Jon has always been there for my patients."

Gary Bullock D.O., M.P.H.

Hoover Family Healthcare

I highly recommend Jon Lamb and his staff at Millennium to anyone in need of physical therapy. Jon's philosophy is that physical therapy should not be painful - and he lives up to his word! Jon works with integrity, compassion, and skill to make every visit to Millennium meaningful. Jon and his staff are truly a blessing to the Bessemer/McCalla community.

Lolita Owens M.D.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I signup to be a new patient?

Signing up to be a new patient at Millennium Physical Therapy is very easy. We ask that you perform the following steps:

  • Obtain a referral from your physician
  • Download and complete your registration forms
  • Call 205-482-9012 to schedule your appointment.
What can I expect on my first visit?
The therapist will perform an initial evaluation of your injury and all new patient paperwork/insurance verification will take place on the first visit.
Is Physical Therapy covered by insurance?

Most health insurance plans cover physical therapy. We will verify your insurance benefits at the time of your initial evaluation and can give you an approximate cost at that time. We accept most major insurance policies and are willing to work with you financially. Financial hardship plans are available for those who qualify.

Is a referral required to book an appointment?
Yes, the state of Alabama requires a referral (prescription) from your doctor.
What happens if I miss a scheduled appointment?
We prefer at least 24 hours advanced notice for cancellations. Your consideration allows us to assign another person to your time slot if you cannot make it.
What are your hours of operation?

In order to meet the needs of our patients who work during the day, we are open at the following times:

  • Mon-Fri – 6:40am – 6:00pm
  • Sat-Sun – Closed
How long will my appointment take?

Your first appointment will generally last from 60-90 minutes. This appointment may take longer than subsequent appointments because the therapist will perform the initial evaluation and all new patient paperwork/insurance verification will take place at this time. Subsequent visits should last approximately 60 minutes.

What should I wear to the clinic?
We prefer that you wear something comfortable that will not restrict your exercises. Athletic Shoes, shorts/sweat pants, and a t-shirt are ideal.
What should I bring to my first visit?
Please bring your referral (prescription) from your doctor as well as your picture ID and insurance card/s to your first visit. If you have had any diagnostic testing, please bring the images on a computer disc, results, and other information relevant to your current condition.
Do I have a choice in where I go for Physical Therapy?
As with any health care profession, whether it’s dentistry, medicine, podiatry, chiropractics, etc., you have a choice in your physical therapy provider of care as well.

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Open Hours

Mon – Fri — 6:40am – 6:00pm
Saturday — Closed
Sunday — Closed

Millennium Physical Therapy

4847 Promenade Parkway
Suite 102
Bessemer, AL 35022